Relationships, is far more than church attendance, is what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. One of the best ways we are able to grow as believers here at Life Tabernacle Apostolic Church are by joining a small group.


The Christian life was never meant for us to live alone. Joining a small group is a perfect way to connect with others and explore God’s word together.


Life Groups is a big part of the make-up of Life Tabernacle Apostolic Church.  If you’ve never been through a consistent study of the Word you’re missing out by not knowing what the Bible says about everyday life.  It’s also a great way to connect with people and make new friends.


At Life Tabernacle Apostolic Church we want everyone to “Belong” and “Grow.”  In this section, you will find information on each group that Life Tabernacle has to offer by clicking on the various categories listed.  We recommend that everyone get involved and build relationships, study the Word in depth, and dig deeper into answering questions that people are asking.


Living life is complicated as it is…Life Groups will help you answer those challenging questions that arise in daily life.


Let’s Connect!

Frank Balboa

LOCATION: 2405 Sherwood Ln #B – Austin, TX 78704
PHONE: 713-702-1391
DAY / TIME: Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Aurelio Sandate

LOCATION: 2302 E. William Cannon – Austin, TX 78744
PHONE: 512-574-5246
DAY / TIME: Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Humberto Torres

LOCATION: 517 E. Oltorf Street
PHONE: 512-294-6927
DAY / TIME: Tuesday @ 7:30pm
DETAILS: Youth Group

Roland Rangel

LOCATION: 503 West Moreland Dr – Austin, TX  78745
PHONE: 512-589-2218
DAY / TIME: Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Rufino Catalán

LOCATION: 108 Walnut Dr. – Austin, TX  78752
PHONE: 512-662-4653
DAY  / TIME: Wednesday @ 7:30pm

Eduardo Pacheco

LOCATION: 10405 Georgian Dr – Austin, TX  78753
PHONE: 512-799-3558
DAY / TIME: Friday @ 7:30pm

Iván Sánchez

LOCATION: 5701 Johnny Morris Rd. #44 – Austin, TX  78724
PHONE: 317-628-7820
DAY / TIME: Friday @ 7:30pm